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Anonymous: I'm in love with your blog and I admire your personality.. it's different in a good way :-) 

this is so sweet thank you very much this means a lot ;; i’ve moved away however , I am no longer hebephile ;; but I can link 

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♡ lovely lovely lovely ♡

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i f   N o f a c e   w e r e   a   h u m a n … 

hi creepy cuties

I’m not dead! don’t be shy, send me a message and I’ll gladly give you my new url and instagram!

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Anonymous: i love you 


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Anonymous: ??? 

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alright guys, here it is! I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be retiring this blog. there are a few reasons behind this, one of them being that I no longer feel that this blog, and it’s archive, represent what I would like it to, and I think it’s time to move on. I will not, however, delete this blog because a lot of time, effort, and emotion have gone into its making, and at one point, it did have a lot of value and so on. I’ll be making, or rather, have already made another blog, where I shall now be posting. I’ll also be posting the url soon. 

*just know that it is a separate account, so after a bit, I might announce this one “inactive”, (although I’ll check once in a while) so if you leave a message on this one, in the future, I might not get it, or reply to it. for now though, I will be checking regularly. 


big news coming!

hi guys (and girls, included) I’ve got some blog related news coming your way! make sure to watch out, or check my blog. I’ll be posting soon! 

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